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"Make-up is art, Beauty is spirit"

CP trendies collection is a modern and holistic take on Make Up artistry.

CP Trendies is based on looks, combinations and tools.

CP trendies 'philosophy is that a make up artist is only as good as her tools… Michelangelo did not paint chapel Sistine with his fingers….

So here we go for the comparison : you are Michaelangelo, your face is chapel Sistine
and we are…. Your tools!

CP TRENDIES combines latest colours and fashion trends
with great quality materials without requiring to break the bank!
We believe that beauty is individuality and that make up needs to
adapt to your style and not the other way around.

  • Match Maker (Lipstick & Nail Polish matching set)

  • Lip Perfect (Set of 6 different color lipsticks)

  • Rainbow Glosses Coming soon !

  • Ombré Lippers Coming soon! 

1.LiP couture: shades of chic

Click Download for a more detailed presentation of Match Maker couture: shades of nudes

  • Conquer with Contour (3 Highlight & Contour shades)

  • Photo Finish Dual Set (Set of 2 Liquid foundation & Compact Powder)

  • Sculpt with Contour (6 Highlight & Contour Powder)

  • On the Glow (Compact Powder)

  • Face Filters Coming soon!

  • Cheeky Blushers Coming soon!

CP Sculpt with contour
CP Sculpt with contour-2
Conquer with Contour Kit
On the Glow Compact Powder
Photo Finish Dual Set Foundation Kit

3.eye couture: shades of nudes

  • Color Pop 

  • Eye & UP

  • Eye Exposure

  • Fantabulous Twist

  • Mascara Eyeliner

  • Dual Focus Eyeliner Coming Soon !

Fantabulous Twist
Mascara Kit of 6
Eye Exposure
Color Pop
Eye & up
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