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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air... It’s time to enjoy the sunny days, get out of the house, have a drink on a terrasse or a rooftop, go for a picnic and breathe in the blooming nature...

If you are looking to put the winter gloom in the rear door mirror and steer towards sunny destinations, it’s time to get packing...

Take our Argan Oil hair removal spray for instance: just enough to cover your half legs, bikini line and armpits and keep them smooth and hairless for duration of your stay. Formulated to act in 3 minutes top, virtually odourless with moisturising agents, its formula has a hair growth inhibitor that helps you remain flawless for longer.

Well, that woman’s hair needs covered... but let’s not forget male travellers...we offer a prefilled travel pouch containing the full skincare regime in mini sizes.

A face wash, a preshave balm, a daily face moisturizing cream and post shave balm. All smelling utterly gorgeous!! Looking sharp at all times....

As for sun worshippers, let’s not forget how important it is to protect the skin from new sun rays.... From SPF 50 and Kids, 30 or 15 to Aftersun lotion our sunscreen sachets are perfectly handy to keep you covered for all day and carry with you in a pocket or a handbag. Each sachet contains a 20ml dose which is what you need for a full body application. No mess, no fuss, keep protected at all times...

Well enough gloating now... you get the jinx...So, go on, take a look at our nomad range, and you will be surprised by the comfort it will bring you while travelling. Have a nice stay and enjoy!

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