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Feel like matching the spring mood?

During a hard, long and cold winter I have been counting the days... How much longer until the days lengthen and skirts and sleeves shorten...? How much longer until the sun comes shining through and nature blossoms...

And, today, finally, here it is...! SPRING!!!! Yes! That day I have been longing for ... Finally, it is time to put on and show off that beautiful little red dress I got on the internet what seems a lifetime ago and which has been yelling at me for some time in my closet. Today I can finally take it out for a spin...!

So red is the mood of the day and berries replace nuts in my granola...

Red high heels: check! Red handbag, check! Red dress :check! Yes today I am on Red Alert!

But I'm missing something... let’s do things all the way and paint my nails and pout a blood colour too. Hmmm, damn.... I don’t have matching shades in my well stocked make up collection...Well, I need to get shopping...!

In the aisle of the shop now, in the nail polish aisle holding a red lipstick next to the infinity of red variants on display...With all this choice, why is it almost impossible to find the same colour in nail varnish and lipstick in the same brand...and in the same place...Seriously????


Then I look up and I see it...Matchmaker... now that’s genius... exactly what I need! Matching shades of nail polish and lipstick already paired in a deliciously looking box... Ideal for perfectionists like me!

My dilemma is now to make a choice between Ruby ( a perfect bright red), bloodstone ( an attractive blood shade) or fire opale ( a classical red black number)... Life is hard... then I look at the price... 5.99 euros? I decide to take all 3....At that price it would be a sin not to!!! And I think that fire opal can make a perfect gift for my friend Claire’s birthday at the weekend. I have killed 2 birds with one stone!!! Way to go girl...!The missing sparkle to my spring outfit. That’s it, I am now “reddy”....I look flawless, sexy, elegant and vibrant as I am feeling today.

I will make a stunning impression later today when my date picks me up in his beautiful ruby coloured oldtimer.

And who knows where the evening may go...?

As for you....What’s your perfect match?

Find your match amongst the 20 beautiful colours from CP Trendies. From Nude tones to bright reds or darker shades its an endless box for fashionistas. And it makes wonderful gifts for all occasions!

Check out our Matchmaker colours, they will certainly bring out your sensual intentions this spring ! And keep changing... remember: « Souvent femme varie... »

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