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6 Make-up trends for this Spring


Where there is smoke...there is fire!

18-3838 ... nope, not my cellphone number ( in case you were wondering) ....That number designs Pantone of the year, meaning the exact shade of colour which will be celebrated in fashion and make up during this year.... For people who,like myself, express themselves more prosaically in terms of colours and shades, this would be called Ultra Violet...

Now, that’s a perfect colour base to create a stunning smokey eyeshadow do for all eye colours. And it’s stunning paired with metallic tones of silver or gold...Blend three different hues of violet across your lids ( starting with the darkest one along the lash line) for a bold gradient or dust a light layer of lavender in the inner corners for a subtle, softer approach.

And if you go for kill...add gold, bronze or silver eyeshadow in the inner corners and blend with colour into the eyes’ folds to add an edge to your gradient. Tip top!

Go on try it... and we would be really interested to see the results. The best make up do will be featured on our website and the winner will get a free amethyst and chalcedony match maker kit from us...!


When it comes to foundation, we believe less is more...Natural and fresh are the essence of spring 2018.

Sweep a dash of highlighter across your cheekbones or blend it over your eyelids and on the bridge of your nose—this easy-to-wear-trend enhances instantly any face features regardless of skin tone. And a tip: you can use your highlighter to replace eyeshadow and dab it on your lip after Lipstick or Gloss ... the effect is breathtaking... Go on try it... and we would be really interested to see the results. The best make up do will be featured on our website and the winner will get a free Highlight and contour kit from us...!


When the sun shines so bright in the sky you don’t need it on your lips too. Instead opt for a matte texture which will give you a velvet kiss.


Exit dull eyes and matte tones for the eyes... Let’s gloss it all the way! This spring’s trend is to use liquid glossy eyeshadow and add a bit of metallic dust in the corners to bring out your stare. Don’t forget, less is more on the rest of your face… Keep it simple, keep it real and bring out the sparkle in your eyes.


Rosy, flushed cheeks will be taking the spot of super-matte foundations and strong contours for spring. Blend a soft-pink cream blush across the apples of your cheeks, on the tip of your nose, and over your lips, then amp up the glow factor with a a few swipes of cream highlighter down the bridge of your nose and along your cheekbones.


The classic cat eye is definitely having its moment in the spotlight right now—this spring's revival is all about sharp angles in matte-black shades.

(Start with a gel pencil. Don’t forget to line inside the lash line as well, especially if you have bigger eyes. Go over the shape with a liquid line. If you have heavy upper lids, keep your eyes shut for a good minute or so, until the liquid liner dries.

Go crazy with your mascara and make sure you apply it right into the roots of your lashes).

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