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Stag weekend or boys’ holidays ?

I am still nursing a hangover from hell from last night pre-flight drinks with my mates. I may have gone slightly overboard with the lagers...Need to remember, whisky and beers do not make a great combination.... recipe for feeling real rough in the morning... And to wait 5 times for the alarm clock to go up on my phone before managing to open an eye...

And now here I am, late, rushing to pack a bag to take on board with me for my friend stag-do in Barcelona.

Where are mums and girlfriends when you need them ???

Oh well, freedom comes at a cost doesn’t it..? Just time to throw in a couple of underwear and socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, favourite denims and tee shirts, swimming trunks ( NOT speedo) and my « lucky » Allsaints leather jacket... just in case I get ...well... lucky ...! No harm in hoping...

Pfeww!!! At the airport now, just on time to get through security and get a quick much needed coffee before boarding.

Bummer....! Completely forgot to pack my toiletries... and after-shave! I am no sissy but if I work the stubble look, I want it to keep it subtle... Don't want my 2 o’clock beard shadow to keep me from kissing girls ( Yeah I am a gentleman like that -or so I like to tell myself).

Anyway I don’t have any that could make it through security with this bloody 100ml rule....!

Well, no stress, I‘ll grab something in the shop at the airport. Here’s what I need : EAD men travel kit essentials: everything for my skincare routine in a pouch that can board with me. Bonus: it looks and smells just great.

Minimum space, minimum fuss and all my needs covered. That will do just fine. And so practical for my overnight stays when traveling for work... Totally worth the fiver I am going to spend... not even the price of 1 full size product!

And the winner is...?

Ready to take off...Come on!! Bring on the sea, the sun, and the rest...

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